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The T2 Hangars




There were x2  T2 type Hangars at Blakehill, built on either side of runway number 2 at its NE end - the cropped photo above is a shot taken by a photo-reconnaissance Mosquito from 540 Squadron taken on the 6th September 1946 and shows both hangers. The full photo can be viewed in the site photo gallery.

The hangar to the right in the photo was used by the Repair and Inspection team for carrying out major aircraft servicing.


Sadly, nothing remains of the hangar to the left of photo, though the concrete apron of the R&I Hangar survives and is used by the Cricklade Model Flying Club as a hard standing and is on PRIVATE LAND with agreed access from landowner via the flying club. 



The outline of the hangar is superimposed here with a dotted line


Below - the view from the hangar 'looking out' onto the concrete apron

Above - the hangar superimposed on its base viewed from the north eastern perry track - PRIVATE LAND

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