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"Know Your Place"


May 2022

I had been working on behalf of the Crickade Museum to upload points of interest for the Wiltshire and Swindon History Centre who have been gathering information on local WW2 remains so that they can be plotted onto the “Know Your Place” platform, an interactive historical map of the UK.


Including evidence already contained on the BHF website, much of it gained through kind submissions of project followers, points of interest in and around the airfield have been plotted which not only link to the relevant article on the BHF website, but also to other research published by others. Features that have been plotted can easily be found by clicking onto the Community Layer and ticking the relevant check boxes.


A reminder that many of the features on the former airfield are on strictly private land and cannot be reached without permission from the land owners.


Click here to try out the mapping service - Follow


The service quickly finds your location. Go to Swindon, and then find Cricklade to view the area local to RAF Blakehill. You will see there are lots of layers to display along with literally hundreds of different submissions across the UK from many, many people and organisations who have contributed. There is so much to find!

As a final submission to the project, I was keen to take the opportunity to publish the names of the crews involved in some of the major operations that left from Blakehill – these can be reached by clicking on the relevant spot on the main runway.


I’m hoping that this will add to the context and understanding of the site, and further preserve the memory of those who served.

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