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Dakota Mk III KG329

233 Squadron - Operation ROB ROY ONE

Note - both Dakota KG424 and KG329 are involved in the same operation and loss at the same time

Both KG424 and KG329 are shot down by allied shipping on approach to Normandy coast, over the Orne River Estuary area

  • Flying Officer Erol Eveliegh Wood (Captain) – POW Stalag Luft 1

  • Flight Sargent Alfred William Illingworth (Second Pilot) - POW Stalag Lift VII

  • Pilot Officer David Walter Blakey Carr (Navigator) - POW Stalag Luft III

  • Sargent L Thomas (Radio Operator) - POW 

  • Driver Edward Cullen - POW

  • Driver Frank Duffy - POW

  • Driver Fredrick A Cordell - KIA - buried at Cim Mil Tilly-sue-Seulles (14) 111.A.7

  • Corporal Alfred Stannard - KIA - Memorial Runnyede UK P18/2 - Son of Fred and Emma Stannard, husband of Doris Stannard, Crookham Hampshire UK



“Though Without Anger”, Colin Cummings

JL Maillet joebaugher (Jean Luc Maillet)

Take off of aircraft at 22:30, drop scheduled for 23:35.    Weather clear.    Return crossing of the Riva Bella coast sheduled.

Aircraft crashes onto a coastal dune moor north of Mervill (east of the mouth) - photo courtesy Pegasus

KG329 070644.jpg
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