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Observer - Royal Airforce Reserve

A query has been sent from site contributor, Marlene Mehta,, regarding this gentleman pictured in a uniform of an Observer in the Royal Air Force Reserve.

Known only as 'CHARLES' and sweetheart to Marlene's late aunt Brenda, it is thought that Charles had a double barrelled surname, something 'like' "Commerforth-Conford".   Sadly his surname cannot be confirmed, so we are asking for any help if possible in tracing any more information. Brenda lived in Lincoln, but it's unknown where Charles lived. In a letter, written by Charles in the officers mess at RAF Blakehill Farm dated 25th January 1945, he mentions that he left Brenda on the 28th December. He writes he was stationed at st. Mawgan for three weeks.

The photo of Charles must have been taken prior to 1943, as, during 1943, the decision was taken by the Air Ministry to raise an order for members of the RAFVR to remove the brass and cloth 'VR's worn on the collars and shoulders. (source WIKI)


The pin badges I believe are ‘sweetheart’ brooches, that could have been kept by Brenda whilst Charles was in service.

Sadly both Charles and Brenda have now passed, and it would be lovely to be able to add more detail to this mans time at RAF Blakehill, so Marlene can complete the story.

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