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No Dogs Allowed - and Controlling Access

It is simple - Blakehill is a nesting site for ground nesting birds who rely on the peaceful habitat of the former airfield to breed.   The grassland is carefully managed to ensure the optimum conditions for breeding are maintained.    Bringing a dog onto site introduces a would be threat to these nesting birds.   As soon a bird takes flight and sees a dog it may abandon the nest, or worst case, we risk a dog slipping a leash and attacking livestock.  As you can see by the photos above, these nests are tiny and very easily destroyed by persons entering the central plateau at the wrong time of year, without permission and unguided.    Areas that are open to the public are clearly marked on the information boards and are outlined in this website.

If you have a care for the wildlife reserve, you will not bring dogs on site or climb fences to access the central plateau, the runway areas or anywhere marked as private  - as well as historians for the site we are also a wardens - you may be asked to leave.  In some extreme cases we have involved the police's rural crimes unit.

The rules are the same for us - for all those who flew and those that continue to fly, please respect the site.   It is a place of sanctuary and peace.    Bring binoculars and maintain a respectful distance.

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