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Dakota Mk III KG305

Loss - 23rd September 1944



The Commonwealth War Graves Commission

The National Archives

Probable crash location graphic by website author based on source material 


RAF 437 Squadron Dakota III serial KG305 left RAF Blakehill at 1320 on re-supply mission to Arnhem.


Visibility over DZ (drop zone) was 8 miles with 2/10 cloud at 4000 feet


The aircraft was hit by Flak and crashed 1½ km SW of Driel at approximately 17.00 hrs

Some other sources suggest 16:10hrs.

The aircraft was a total loss - there were no survivors.


The crew were initially buried at the crash location in a field by local civilians.


Crew - 437 Squadron Royal Canadian Air Force

F/O W R Paget J/37545 – Captain (pilot) - KILLED

F/O Donald S. JACK - RCAF J/37117; - 21 years old - KILLED
F/Sgt Denis O'SULLIVAN - RCAF R/171492; - 28 years old - KILLED
W/O² Roy I. PINNER - RCAF R/172856, - 25 years old - KILLED

Despatchers of 223 Air Desp Coy RASC:

Cpl Leslie J. CLARK - T1751089 T/1751089 – 37 years old - KILLED
Cpl Thomas H. BAXTER – T/4853953; - 35 years old - KILLED
Driver Paul WILLIAMS – T/14426212, - 18 years old - KILLED
Driver Frederick W. BEARDSLEY – T/4981126 – 29 years old - KILLED


All rest now in the Oosterbeek (Airborne) War Cemetery.



William Paget received his Elementary Flying Training at No. 12 EFTS Goderich. S/L H.E. King, Chief Flying Instructor, assessed Paget as “Very steady pilot. Aerobatics are improving steadily. General flying is high average. Forced landings are average. Very conscientious about his flying.” While at Centralia, G/C Fullerton assessed Paget as “A high average pilot – clever worker – recommended for a commission.” From Centralia, Paget was posted to No. 34 Operational Training Unit. Upon completion of training, Paget was assessed “This pilot has done very well. He is very keen and enthusiastic. Above average.” After completing Operational Training, Paget was posted to 437 Squadron.

On September 23, 1944, F/O Paget piloted Dakota KG305 on his first operational trip with the Squadron.

He and his crew never returned.

Paget was from Shelburne, Ontario. In 1947 - his mother, Annie Paget wrote a letter to the RCAF Casualties Officer. “Would you please tell me if my dear son, the late Flying Officer William R. Paget received some award for his gallantry at Arnhem. I have had it on my mind for some time, and feel that his sorrowing parents have at least a right to know. “My son, like many others was married a few hours before leaving for overseas, and we his parents who loved and mourn his loss, receive no word or any of his personal effects to cherish. We feel this is very unjust."

All rest now in the Oosterbeek (Airborne) War Cemetery.


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