Dakota Mk III KG356

On the 5th June 1944, Dakota MkIII KG356 left the main runway at Blakehill, bound for Normandy, flown by Flight Officer H E Jones, Flight Sergeant J A Daldorph, Flight Officer I N Williams (Navigator) and Warrant Officer C Engleberg.     The aircraft left ground at 23:17 - the crew never returned.

Flying Officer Jones was the detailed to drop parachute troops into the Caen area.   The approach was made at a height off 600 feet in the face of heavy anti aircraft fire. Approximatley four miles from the DZ (dropping zone) the aircraft was badly hit and set on fire.   Flying Officer Jones continued heading towards the drop zone and gave the signal for the troops to jump which they managed successfully.   He then ordered his crew to abandon the aircraft.


Flying Officer Jones could himself have abandoned the aircraft through the pilots escape hatch at the same time as the crew were ordered to jump.   He refused his parachute when it was brought to him and stayed at the controls to keep the aircraft on an even keel and maintain height for his crew to jump safely.

This source is backed up by an entry in the logs of 233 Squadron from the pilot of KG448 Captain F/L Cody;

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