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Dakota Mk III KG429


On the 5th June 1944, Dakota MkIII KG429 left the main runway at Blakehill, bound for Normandy, flown by Warrant Officer M. M. McCannell (Captain) Flight Sergeant A. R. Porter (2nd Pilot), Flight Sergeant A T Downing (Navigator) and Warrant Officer N I Berger (Wireless Operator).     The aircraft left ground at 23:16 - the crew never returned.

Source material - "The Douglas DC-3 struck by flak from guns in the Canal shipyard crashed close by Saint-Martin Church in Colombelles. Except for the one survivor (CSM [Company Sergeant Major] Jones) all on board were killed and buried in a communal grave near the church. In 1952 their remains were moved to the military cemetery at Ranville."

This source is backed up by an entry in the logs of 233 Squadron from the pilot of KG448 Captain F/L Cody;

Source material - shows the casualty list as follows;

Source material - shows the crash site;

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