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DH Tiger Moth G-AHJS

This Tiger Moth was delivered to Blakehill on the 22nd December 1944 and used as a communications hack between the three 46 Group airfields of Down Ampney and Broadwell.   Some of the archive aerial photos show the wing of a biplane and it is likely that these photos were taken using this aircraft.


She was retired on the 16th October 1945 and sold privately as an ex ministry aircraft.


In Febuary 1984 ownership changed to Machine Music Ltd alias 80's pop star Gary Numan and on the 31st March 1985 the plane was very nearly writen off at Redhill, when it was tipped over by wind sheer on take off and suffered damage to its right wings, rudder and the engine was shock loaded.

Between 1994 and 1998, it was re-registered in Holland, which is where it continues to fly in private hands.

It is possible that this photo of runway #2 was taken using this Tiger Moth aircraft - note wing structure in photo.

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