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Source Acknowledgements

It is the intention of this website publication to provide to the visitor, information and updates, following my investigations and interpretation of my local airfield.   I have been researching the site for over 10 years and lecture regularly about the site, my findings being based on book work, museum study and field walking as part of my role as Site Warden for the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust.    I have met many people during this time and have been blessed in meeting veterans and their families alike - where their memories have been passed to me; - it is my duty to share them truthfully and accurately.


Anyone setting out to write about historical facts will be repeating stories and factual information that, has already been recorded, by someone else, at some other time.


It is also impossible to write about a historic WWII airfield without first having made an effort to locate and sift through historic records and references both on the internet and in ‘real life’, by book work and museum visits.


To list every source by the information obtained, would be impossible, and sources will be mentioned in the text within articles wherever possible.

Information gained is assumed to be correct and every effort has been made to confirm the factual details and locations etc.

A listing of my sources are made here and with grateful thanks and a special mention to my Dad who seems to know which museum drawers contain the most interesting items!

Another special mention I would like to make is to the late Peter Marshall of Crickalde, who I never met, though I was able to express my gratitude to his wife Wendy for his outstanding source material and penmanship, sill much of his work is available at the Cricklade museum.

And finally a huge thanks to Dr Bob Clarke, (RIGHT) author of several books on the Cold War - his support with the project has been amazing.

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